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Since 1979, KRUBBER has led in crafting sealing solutions for global industries. Introducing Roof X, our specialized product for roof and podium waterproofing. Developed with a unique polymer compound, rigorous quality checks, and all-weather suitability, Roof X offers comprehensive benefits. Its integrated root barrier properties provide protection against root penetration, making it a reliable solution for the industry's demand. Positioned as a premium brand, Roof X is trusted by owners, architects, consultants, and contractors for safeguarding structural integrity, enhancing aesthetics, and providing effective waterproofing with root barrier functionality.

Roof X

KRUBBER® Roof Waterproofing System Builtup

Roof X
Roof X
Roof X

Product Specifications


KRUBBER® Composite Roof-X membrane is a versatile terpolymer-based waterproofing membrane that finds extensive use in various construction applications, particularly in green roofing and podium waterproofing. This specialized membrane exhibits exceptional resilience against weathering, UV radiation, ozone, and extreme temperatures, making it a prime selection for roofing applications.

In the realm of roofing, KRUBBER® Composite Roof-X membrane serves as a robust, resilient layer that creates a durable and waterproof shield for the roof structure. By effectively preventing water ingress, this membrane safeguards the building against structural deterioration and water-related issues. Additionally, it features a root barrier, enhancing its functionality by preventing root intrusion into the roofing system.

The KRUBBER® Composite Roof-X membrane also boasts integrated fleece on one side, which mechanically embeds into overlay such as screed, mortar, tile adhesives, and other roofing materials, Fleece also provides mechanical robustness and protection to the membrane core. Its straightforward installation and maintenance procedures offer flexibility and customization options tailored to the specific requirements of the roofing project.

In conclusion, KRUBBER® Composite Roof-X membrane emerges as a dependable and efficient choice for roofing applications, offering enduring protection against water penetration, water-induced damages, and root intrusion, with its embedded fleece enhancing its mechanical bond with the roofing overlays.

KRUBBER® Composite Base-X membrane is integrated with fleece on one side which mechanically get engaged into the concrete thus becomes fully bonded with raft and confined retaining walls similarly with the help of KRUBBER® adhesive, Base-X gets fully adhered to the unconfined retaining wall. The engaged fleece also plays an important role in protecting the inner core of membrane from any kind of damages. Waterproofing shall be applied on RCC or composite metal deck or precast segmental slab and vertical walls such as parapet, planter walls etc. The waterproofing membrane shall always be fully adhered and bonded to the substrate with Krubber® adhesive.


  • Root barrier.
  • Robust and tough against wear and tear.
  • Highly elastomeric for better elongation.
  • Alkali, acids & pesticides, fertilizers resistant.
  • Ease of installation resulting in faster completion.
  • Composite effect imparts a strong and permanent bond with substrate and overlays.
  • The fleece acts as bonding and protection layer to membrane core at site.
  • Dimensional stable and no deformation.
  • Unique elastomeric terpolymer formulation for long service life.
  • High tear and puncture resistance.


Grinder To grind the substrate
Seam Roller For pressing seams / overlap
Brush or Rollers For applying Adhesive and Primer
Hard brush To press the bonded membrane and remove entrapped air.
Sealant Gun For KRUBBER® Lap Seal
Seam Probe Tester To test overlap seams
Other General Accessories Scissors, Blades, Measuring tapes, Stirrer, Masking tapes, Marking chalks, Drill machine and Screws.

Product Used

KRUBBER® Roof-X Composite Membrane with elastomeric terpolymer core
  • Overall composite membrane thickness: 1.3mm, 1.5mm
  • Inner Terpolymer Core thickness: 1.0mm, 1.2mm
KRUBBER® Adhesive for overlaps and substrates 1 Ltr covers approx. 3 Sq Mtrs
KRUBBER® Lap Seal for seam edges and around penetrations Approx 10 Running Mtrs per 310ml Cartridge
KRUBBER® Termination Bar on vertical surfaces 2" Aluminum bar


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Roof and Podium Waterproofing System

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We test in accordance to IS, ASTM, EN, BS and other industry standards. Each batch goes through rigorous quality checks to meet customer requirements.