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Since 1979, KRUBBER has been creating and delivering sealing solutions for industrial and construction space in the Global market. KRUBBER has a holistic approach towards solving challenges by way of innovations and development to create a best-fit product for specific applications. Dampness of walls is an issue often overlooked, affects health and hygiene of the occupants and also prone to spoil aesthetics and structure.

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Who Are We

With over 40 years of experience and knowledge, we have been around as India’s leading manufacturers of high quality industrial sealing solutions. Now, we establish ourselves as reliable partners, executing seamless end-to-end waterproofing solutions within the building and construction space.

As a brand that has been committed to performance and versatility since decades, we chose to bring innovation to the Indian market. In 2013, we introduced the terpolymer membranes as a benchmark product to spread wide scale awareness on its uniqueness and durability. A trusted product that makes waterproofing easier and sustainable.

Since then, we have been a business that offers simple waterproofing systems and solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.
We are a dedicated team that puts customers first. We exceed expectations and provide tailor-made solutions for you. Worldwide, our mission is to keep growing as a brand and build even more partnerships.

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Established in 1979, the group of Kiran Rubber Industries & KRUBBER offers unique sealing solutions for industrial & construction applications.

Industrial Sealing Applications - Sheets, Gaskets, Profiles, Pipe Expansion Joints and Insulations for Glazing, Windows, Pipe Joints, Electronics, HVAC, Electric Panels, Marine, Fire Doors, Submarine Door Closure, Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Aeronautical and Space Applications.

Structural Sealing solutions - Waterproofing, Damp Proofing, Facades, Pond Lining Geomembrane. Expansion Joints - Separation Joints, Movement Joints, Seismic Joints.

Kiran Rubber


To protect and enhance structures globally by providing sustainable solutions.


To create the most compelling company of 21st century offering long lasting products that create trust in customer's mind-set.

Innovation & Development

With in-house experience of 40+ years in chemistry, we strive to provide world class products from our state of the art facility. We enable this with our strong focus on quality and service by offering premium value to end customers. This helps us to cater to a consistently demanding market by providing innovative and challenging solutions.

Kiran Rubber


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