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Testing Process

We have an In-House lab for testing of Rubber Specimen’s. Operated by our Skilled and Well Trained Rubber Technologists, we cover various parameters to conduct basic testing used to optimise our products for better performance. We are associated with NABL approved labs too for ensuring perfect results.


The Rheometer describes precisely the curing and processing characteristics of various rubber compounds. This equipment helps us to produce consistent compounds.

Tensile & Elongation

This equipment is extensively used to derive the Tensile Strength in MPA and Elongation in % form. This helps us to produce the correct strength material.

Specific Gravity

High Precision Weight Balance to determine the Specific Gravity or Density of the Specimen. This helps our products maintain their weight.


DIN Abrasion Tester is used to determine Abrasion Resistance of a Rubber specimen against an Abrasive Cloth mounted on a Cylindrical Drum. This helps us to analyse the Wear and Tear that the end product will incur over time.

Heat Ageing

This equipment analyses the change in Physical Properties by simulating Real-Life conditions within a confined chamber. This helps us to make our product better to face the Environment.

Muffle Furnace

Primarily used to determine the ASH Content of a Rubber Specimen. The % of Ash Content is calculated as the Index of Added Minerals or the Loading.