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Swimming Pool System

The KRUBBER® Protekt EPDM membrane supports various architectural shapes and forms, allowing for highly complex and decorative swimming pool structures. Along with the help of a geotextile membrane, tiles are adhered to evenly and securely, preventing misalignments and leakages. To complete the application you'll require the below products.

Krubber EPDM Membrane

The KRUBBER® Protekt EPDM membrane (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a durable, synthetic rubber membrane used for waterproofing. It provides sustainable solutions for various systems due to its unique properties such as high resistance to UV, ozone, and other chemicals. The EPDM membrane can be installed either fully adhered, loosely laid, or ballasted mechanically with the help of liquid adhesives.

  • Sustainable.
  • Used in multiple applications.
  • Easy to install.
  • Resistant to UV, ozone, and other chemicals.
  • Highly tensile, flexible, and resistant to tear.

The KRUBBER® adhesive is a single component, synthetic rubber based adhesive that consists of special additives and tackifiers. This product is specially formulated for porous and non-porous surfaces in a number of climatic conditions. Its quick and easy application allows for quick bonding of the EPDM membrane to various substrates. Hence, making it suitable to use in new constructions and renovations.

  • Suitable for absorbent and impervious substrates as well as existing floor coverings.
  • High tack – no primer needed.
  • Easy and quick application.
  • Highly water resistant.
  • Large economical coverage.
  • Suitable in new constructions and renovations.

KRUBBER® Sealing tape is a high quality self-adhesive, made of a butyl rubber compound, self-protected by a double-sided release paper. The adhesive tape is flexible and forms a permanent bond to a range of substrates like concrete, rubber, metals, glass, polycarbonate, wood, asbestos, fibreglass, and textiles. With excellent cohesion at the time of installation, this sealing tape reinforces the bonding of a joint.

  • Designed not to shrink, harden or oxidise.
  • Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, acid, and alkaline environments.
  • Excellent heat stability.
  • Resistant to ageing and UV-rays.
  • Solvent free.

Available in various sizes and colours.

The KRUBBER® EPDM sealant is designed to provide an effective secondary seal for critical flashing and seam junctures. The sealant extrudes along the membrane seam and the flashing edges as required, pertaining to KRUBBER® specifications and details. 

Available in black and white colours.

The KRUBBER® geotextile membrane is manufactured using non-woven fabric from polyester or PP fibres. Placed on the KRUBBER® Protekt EPDM membrane, this protects it from sharp objects, while also enabling easy cement screed cladding and pebble ballasting. The geotextile membrane material maintains a uniform settlement of the subgrade. Hence, the sub strength is improved along with the overall sustainability of the system.