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DampX - DPC is a fool proof damp proofing solution

Quick and Easy – DampX Installation Guide

DampX is an innovative product from the house of Krubber. It is a result of the company’s intense R&D efforts and domain expertise. DampX is a strong, elastomeric, and flexible membrane that permanently integrates with the structure to form a strong, long-lasting moisture barrier

  • Why do you need DampX

Conventional DPC and even DPM either cracks or disintegrates after exposure to extreme weather, groundwater and soil conditions and over time allowing seepage of water through the floor due to capillary action. As a result, walls become damp and lead to unhygienic mould formation that depletes the quality of indoor air

DampX is a robust physical barrier installed beneath the masonry walls at the plinth level during the early stages of construction. The highly flexible waterproof layer prevents capillary action from causing groundwater or any moisture from the floor to rise up into the walls.

Here’s why DampX is the future of dampproofing solutions:

  1. Excellent resistance to UV, ozone, alkalies and acids
  2. Extremely robust to weather,construction conditions & traffic
  3. Saves time & money because of ease and speed of installation
  4. Strong resilience to wear & tear
  5. Offers stability and long service life as it bonds perfectly with the substrate becoming an integral part of the structure
  6. High flexibility for coverage in corners & junctions

To make things simple here’s 7 step quick and easy DampX Installation guide:

  1. Check and follow all the instructions on DampX roll, unwrap outer packaging wrap and unroll DampX

2. Check plinth beam or wall dimensions under which DampX to be laid. Measure and mark termination on column as minimum 150mm and cut to the required dimension.

3.Place wet cement mortar bed before placing DampX on the floor or above plinth beam. Align DampX on wall line, keeping the extension allowance of 75 mm to 100 mm to be turned up for skirting and lay DampX with 150mm termination on vertical face.

4. Temporarily Place block or brick at junction of floor and wall/column. Fold and paste the DampX junction with wall or column at skirting level.

5. Remove the block or brick and lay wet bed mortar for building a masonry wall as per good construction practices.

6. Check line and level of the masonry wall and once a single layer /cource of masonry is laid,Turn up DampX at skirting level and bond with krubber adhesive on the vertical surface of wall .

DampX - DPC is a fool proof damp proofing solution

7. Further plastering,  tiling and skirting can be done as per good construction practices.

To understand technical details about DampX click here:

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